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We have a timeless perspective on marketing that will save you from a sea of sameness.

Chances are, you’ve
seen our work before.

City of Winnipeg skyline with flickering pink pixels in place of some windows.

BORN 2006

Persuasive Media began as a small Winnipeg based print and marketing company back when words like DM, SEO, and Insta Stories were on the horizon, but print was still king. Throughout the past decade, it has evolved into the full service agency it is now.

Persuasive Media focuses on design. We help our clients build their brand through strategic marketing, advertising, digital media, print, packaging and promotional merchandise. 

Today, the combination of our knowledge, experience, and network allows us to be an asset to many businesses throughout North America, while our heart still beats here in The Peg.



Caffeine intake in our office
Number of designs we created
Our team reading books in our favourite colour, Pink! Pink Up Your Life, and I F*****g Love You.

"You guys just get things done and make @#$! happen - I love that!"

"Amazing! Nailed it like always."

"Thanks for being so helpful,
your team is awesome."

“We love the final product and

you have been a pleasure to work with.”

"Really appreciate everything you and the team do, especially when I drop the ball and the many last minute requests!"

"Lisa, it's like you are in my head."

BORN 2006

BORN 2006

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